an historical retrospective
Trout Fishing in America (of Arizona)
Original 80's Rock
Trout Fishing in America of ArizonaTrout Fishing in America of Arizona

.. "Bun Hugger Boy" download BunHuggerBoy - MP3
.. "Here Again" download Here Again - MP3
.. "Made a Fool" download Made A Fool - MP3
.. Future Pilots Future Pilots lyrics download Future Pilots - Real Audio size=2,103kb
.. "Skyways" download Skyways - MP3
.. "The Sheep Song" download The Sheep Song - MP3
.. "For Me For You" For Me For You Lyrics For Me For You midi
.. "Can't Get It Right" download Can't Get It Right - Real Audio size=2,414kb
.. "Hold Me Down"
.. "Signon"
.. "For The Company"
.. "Astro Pet"
.. "Bennie the Mystery Mouse"
.. "Teacher Teacher"
.. "Will You Be With Me"
.. "Record Of Life"
.. "Dave Saves"
.. "High In The Highlands" High in the Highlands lyrics download High in the Highlands - Real Audio size=2,465kb High in the Highlands midi
.. "Gonna Feel It There"
.. "Proto1"

All songs Copyright 1999 Jim Tedeschi for Trout Fishing in America of Arizona


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